Anime USA 2022 Official Artists

CJC Design

Christopher enjoys the crazy worlds and settings of anime/comics and became an artist so he could communicate that passion to others. He loves to create art of weird and unique settings that allows the viewers mind to wander and craft their own stories. Its fun to draw the mundane day-to-day activities we do everyday and add a fantasy/sci-fi twist. Christopher hopes to inspire others to pursue their own artistic endeavors and stories through his own.

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We are pleased to have Nolnir providing art for various items you will see at Anime USA 2022. Nolnir’s art adorns some of the most beloved merchandise, as well as distinguished uses elsewhere. We love Nolnir’s art, and we think you will to, check ’em out!


Cailin Jay Targaryen

Cailin Jay Targaryen

Growing up in the early 90s, Cailin Targaryen is a cosplayer and visual artist who fell in love with Saturday morning cartoons, Disney afternoons, and Don Bluth movies at a very young age. One night, she stayed up to watch the Saturday Anime block on SciFi and never looked back.  Starting with drawing classics like Project Ako and Sailor Moon, she fell head over heel with Japanese style animation and character design.

Turning from pencil and paper to Procreate in 2018 was a big game changer, and since then, she’s been able to take her art to the next level. From Dungeons & Dragons art for players and companies alike, designing original costumes for dance productions, to providing art for many festivals, conventions and events on the east coast, at the end of the day she just loves to design, create, and bring characters to life!