We are proud to share DJs who will be performing at our upcoming 2022 event!

Jay Nak, DJ Extraordinaire
Jay has been entertaining for roughly 18 years playing tunes and making dancers happy in the convention scene. His first foray into performance started the longtime event “Cosplay Dance Off”, which has seen many performances at AnimeUSA, Katsucon, Magfest, Escape Velocity, AMA, NYAF, and more.
He has also performed previously as a rave/lounge DJ for Katsucon, rave DJ for Anime USA, Escape Velocity also claims him as one of their own, organizing and performing for their Space Party and Dance party in the past. 


DJ ANT-SAN was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Personal dedication to the craft brings a mix of House, hardcore, HipHop, reggaeton, Kpop, j-pop and most of all Anime!
You might have heard DJ ANT-SAN performing at Magfest, Katsucon, Blerdcon, Otakon, Anime NYC and more!! What’s next, well hopefully to DJ in Japan!!!