Press FAQ


Reporters and representatives of media outlets who are interested in covering Anime USA or using Anime USA as a source for news articles may be eligible for Press Passes. A Press Pass allows members of the press to enter the convention without paying a fee, to receive early entrance and preferred seating at some events, and attend conferences. In addition, Press Pass recipients may also receive the opportunity to conduct interviews with the official Anime USA industry guests, including voice actors, musicians, educators, and more. 

To qualify for an Anime USA Press Pass, applicants must first pass a brief screening process based on planned coverage and previous work. Eligible applicants will be notified through email and added to our official Press list. Once notified, press members can expect to pick up their passes on Friday of the convention with the presentation of a photo ID. 


Q. I am a student reporter. Do I still qualify for a Press Pass? 

A. You are definitely eligible to apply. We started out as journalism students, too! 

Q. I write for a personal blog or website, but I cover anime and conventions and update frequently. Am I eligible? 

A. Active blogs will be considered. Make sure to include a link to your website Press Pass application. A Facebook page is not considered an active blog. If you do not have a website in addition to a social media site, such Facebook or Tumblr, you will not qualify. 

Q. I am a photographer/filmmaker/podcaster. Am I qualified for a press pass? 

A. Yes, Press Passes are available for every medium of journalism. We encourage photographers, filmmakers, and podcasters to apply. 

Q. What does a Press Pass get me? 

A. A Press Pass grants a member of the press access to the Anime USA convention. Unfortunately, interviews with Guests are not guaranteed. As a courtesy to our Guests, we keep their interviews limited. Also, though members of the press receive a free pass to the convention, they must still arrange their own rooms, food, and travel. 

Q. How do interviews with Guests work? 

A. After you are approved for a Press Pass, you will receive a follow-up message via e-mail detailing which guests are available for interviews. You can request an interview with one or more of the Guests. The interview schedule will be announced a few weeks before the convention. There will be a designated interview area for specific guests, which will be communicated via email as well.

Q. What do I need to do to prepare for a Guest interview? 

A. Some Guests will require a list of interview questions to review before the convention. For example, some of our Japanese Guests may need assistance from a translator to be interviewed. You will be notified via e-mail if a Guest that you wish to interview requires a list of interview questions. If this is the case, please submit any questions for the Guest 14 days before the start of the convention This process ensures proper translation of interview questions. 

Q. I was approved for Anime USA press. Where do I pick up my badge on Friday? 

A. Press Passes may be picked up, starting at 12:00pm on the Friday of the convention. The location for pick up will be emailed to accepted Press Attendees. If you need assistance finding the location at the show, please ask an Anime USA staff member on-site. 

Q. What is the Press Pass application deadline for the 2022 convention? 

A. The application deadline is October 1, 2022.