Charles Dunbar, Author
Charles Dunbar is a fan of many things, of which anime and Japanese culture are one admittedly large sphere. After discovering the medium through Dragonball Z in high school, he spent his formative college years indulging in giant robots, Pokemon, JRPGs, and Ruruouni Kenshin. He never expected his coursework in cultural anthropology to intersect with his burgeoning fandom identity… (Click for more)

Sarah Hodge-Wetherbe, Geek Librarian
Sarah Hodge-Wetherbe’s dad took her to her first Star Trek convention as a child, sealing her future as a card carrying geek. By day, she is a library associate with the Springfield city library. In her secret Identity as Geekgal, she tours around new England lecturing on various aspects of geek culture… (Click for more)

Robert V Aldrich, Author
Robert V Aldrich’s writing is the result of mixing high-quality 80’s cartoons with mid-tier anime and bargain basement literature. Throw in a few dashes of web comics and professional wrestling and you get something truly unique… (Click for more)