Featured Presenters

Substandard Science, Panelists
Substandard Science is a multigenre panel group founded by a group of friends in 2007. Shortly thereafter, our flagship panel, the Super Mario Super Panel, was launched with the goal of torturing attendees across the convention world with mediocre programming. Strangely, people kept coming back and we decided that we were onto something… (Click for more)

Bubblepop Burlesque
Bubblepop Burlesque first performed at Anime Central 2014 and has been wowing convention crowds ever since. The midwest’s premier nerdlesque group is excited to bring their brand of fun and sexy to the Anime USA crowd… (Click for more)

Danzoo → Dash
Danzoo→Dash is an Atlanta-local animal-themed idol cover group with a love of odottemita and idols. Our goal is to inspire a new generation of dancers, idol fans, and Japanese culture enthusiasts while having fun with our own passions! (Click for more)

Super Art Fight!
Created in 2008 in Baltimore, Maryland by artists Jamie Noguchi and Nick DiFabbio, SAF has grown over the past decade into an absolutely can’t miss live event that mixes elements of pro-wrestling styled storytelling and character work, live art, and improvised humor… (Click for more)

Panel Geeks
Panel Geeks consists of two Philadelphia-area sisters/co-founders of Nijicon (The convention that bridges the gap between yaoi fans and the LGBTQ+ community). This dynamic duo LOVES all things geeky and have decided to take their panel hosting talents on the road… (Click for more)