Flea Market

When it comes to their favorite series, anime fans want it all! Unfortunately, walls can only hold so many shelves, and closets are not Bags of Infinite Holding. Sometimes we have to part with some of our treasures and trinkets, and we want to make sure all of those investments go to the right people. Anime USA has heard your cries for help and we are bringing back the Flea Market for its SECOND YEAR! For a few hours on Sunday, the convention will turn one of our panel rooms into a pre-owned merchandise playground for all of our attendees to venture in and see if they can stumble across that “hard to find” item they’ve been looking for, or something they didn’t realize they wanted. Anyone interested in selling/trading merchandise in this room will have to register, as there is only so much space to go around. Registration is free, and will entitle the seller to 1/2 of a standard 6-foot convention table (3’L x 2’W). If you are interested in signing up as a seller, please fill out the application! The application deadline is October 11, so act fast so you don’t miss out on the fun!

Anime USA 2019 Flea Market Seller’s Application