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Dating Game (All Ages)

Think you’d only see the pairing of your dreams in crossover fanfic? Come check out the Dating Game! Our lovely bachelorettes and handsome bachelors from various anime, manga and video games are out for love and wacky hi-jinks the likes of which you’ve never seen!

Baggage (18+ dating game):

Everyone has something embarrassing, gross, unique, or weird about themselves. This goes double for our favorite anime, manga and video game characters. In Baggage, an eligible single character will have 3 characters to choose from, but each of them have 3 secrets to reveal about themselves that could make or break the relationship before it begins! Will we have a happy couple or will the final piece of baggage be the drill that broke the robots back? You’ll have to come to find out for sure! Unlike the dating game, you must be 18 to attend; IDs WILL be checked at the door. Don’t forget to bring an official photo ID with your date of birth on it or you will NOT be allowed in. No exceptions!