Idol Showcase

Hamako Idols

Hamako idols is a dmv local dance and vocal cover group comprised of 6 members. Each member has their own unique original character that and has their own unique story line. We are hoping to release our own original music in the future and would be happy to gain your support as we push forward towards our dreams! Remember to enjoy beautiful moments while they last.

Star Struck

Star☆Struck is a North-East Idol Group of individual performers collaborating through song and dance to perform covers alongside original music. The group’s mission is to inspire and charm the audiance as they reach for the stars together!

Debuting in September 2019, AnimeUSA will be the group’s second performance with two of its first generation members, Moon and HimeLuka. The dynamic duo will be performing original vocals as well as full dance covers on stage for the crowd to enjoy. The performance will leave you STAR☆STRUCK!

Saiyuri Idols

Sayuri Idols is an East Coast-based idol performance group that was founded in 2018. Ran by the three head admins (Lu, Lili, and Harley), Sayuri is a group with over 20 members — and still scouting!! Being an all inclusive group can be difficult sometimes; but with the dedication of members and amount of love we have for our cosplay family, all of our performances have been successes!

From our debut a year ago, to our multiple performances through the year, AnimeUSA is by far our most important.

We are so grateful to spend our one year anniversary with all of you!! All of the members (even the ones which aren’t here with us) have been working hard to make sure this performance is a knockout. Thank you all for supporting us along our journey, and please stick with us to see our growth!!

Kira Kira Waves

“We are Kira Kira Waves! A newly established aquors idol group based in the DMV area! We’re thrilled to be part of this years Anime USA Idol Showcase and are looking forward to performing for you! For this performance our second years are going to introduce you all to our group and show off some original outfits that were hand sewn by our own members and designed by our chika! To keep up with us and know about future performances you can follow us on instagram @kirakirawaves, hope to see you there!”


Born from some idol fans with a dream, Aquamarine is a dance cover and cosplay group centered around the idol group, Aqours! Aquamarine was founded in early 2017, with the intent of sharing the love of idols with all who came across them! They debuted with their First Live at Nekocon 2017 that following November. In the years since, Aquamarine has hosted performances at events such as Katsucon and Otakon, and won Best Novice Performance at the Katsucon 2019 Masquerade!

From convivial groupchats to weekend bootcamps, photoshoots and idol sleepovers, video chats and lots of memes, Aquamarine is one big family through-and-through. Though members have come and gone over the years (and there have been some speedbumps along the way!), Aquamarine still firmly stands together as one, dead set on accomplishing all that they can with the time they have together, and never giving up on that dream they were founded on.


μnite (Myuu-knight) is a Love Live Dance Cover Group in the Washington DC, you may have seen perform at Anime USA or other local conventions halls! We strive to have our lives performance be as authentic to the Love Live concerts experience as possible, and bring a concert-like experience to all of our performances. μnite, goals are to spread the awareness of love & appreciation for idol culture, and the Love Live series throughout the northeastern U.S. through live performance, panels, and other active means.


“Based in Maryland and Virginia, StarX is a primarily Vocaloid focused group with two currently active members. Both members are active in the DMV-area idol community and have performed in the Otakon masquerade, though not together. Bring out your brightest yellow (or orange!) light sticks to support Moon and Kei as the Kagamine Twins!”


“9bpm is a µ’s cover group located on the East Coast with members in the DMV and PA area. 9bpm focuses on providing quality dance covers and spreading the love of idol culture to all audiences. Founded in September of 2017, 9bpm boasts a live performance count of over four sets at Katsucon, ColossalCon East, and of course – AnimeUSA.

9bpm can be found on both Facebook and Instagram under the handle @9bpmlive. Their nine hearts beat as one and they hope yours will flutter in excitement as they take the stage at AnimeUSA 2019!”

Puka Puka Aqours

Puka Puka is a nine member Aqours group primarily centered around the DMV area. The group first came together at Katsucon 2017 but didn’t debut as a group until Otakon 2017. They can be found on Instagram @pukapuka.aqours and on Facebook @pukapukalive. They usually perform at Otakon, Katsucon, and Anime USA. This past July the group was able to travel to Los Angeles to not only see Aqours in person but to perform as a full group of nine for the first time. Last year they were able to participate in the first Idol Showcase at Anime USA and are all excited to be a part of the event again this year!

A Mess and a Half

Hello, we’re “A Mess and a Half”, a newly formed Kpop cover group! We know that this is probably different from what you’re expecting, but we promise we’ll make it worth your while. 

This will be our first time on stage, so we’re pretty excited to be performing for an actual audience. In our performance you’ll hear a wide variety of popular Kpop songs, with our members solos sprinkled in. 

We’re very thankful to have this opportunity, and if you want to see more of us, follow us on our Instagram @_a_mess_and_a_half_. Please wish us luck, and we hope you enjoy our performance!