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Part fanfic, part roleplay, and part tabletop game, LARP is as much a game to be played as it is a performace to be had, where every attendee and every player chooses their favorite character and plays as them so long as you’re in our room. Show off your writing chops and your deep knowledge of fandom lore, by interacting with other characters from vast and diverse settings, and dealing with the tense and complex plots lovingly handcrafted by our GMs.

There is no limit to who you can play. Pick your favorite character from anime, T.V. shows, western cartoons, comic books, video games, audio dramas, or film. Even repeats are allowed, as long as they come from different iterations of the same canon. As the plot develops, take your characters down pathways they would’ve never been able to access in their own setting. Walk-in character requests are welcome any time Friday or Saturday, but your choice of character will be limited by 4:00 PM Saturday. Only pre-registration will guarantee you can play your character!

Pre-Registration Comes with Custom Content. If you pre-register, our staff will not only have your character sheets ready before any and all events begin, but we will also provide you with a 1-2 paragraph short story as to how your character ended up within the crossover setting, treating certain parts of your character’s own story as canon! 

If you’re interested in Pre-registering your character, please submit your characters, in sets of 3, ordered from most preferred to least preferred, to

An Easy System, with no Pressure or Commitment

Our system allows for easy pick-up-and-play mechanics and there is no time investment requirement on your part to come in and play with other attendees – while we have regular events, attendance to any one or more of them is by no means necessary, and whether you can put in ten minutes or ten hours, you will always be welcome to the experience, especially if it’s your first time playing.

Part of a Greater Canon.

This marks the fourth year in a continuing storyline that began in 2016, and things have grown more dire than ever before! If your characters don’t show up, the players may not have a chance to survive to the next! Even though players can carry their benefits and developments from one year to the next, the system is balanced enough to allow meaningful play and interaction from characters at any scale of power or competence, whether they be jokes, trolls, warriors, or gods.

This Year, at Anime USA LARP…

It was a time of prosperity, for our people. The Wakandan State became the Wakandan Federation, and the American colony is well on its way to becoming the United States. Hawkins was content. Sears was growing from a president of rubble to a proper leader.

It’s the planet that seems… unwell. The coasts are lined with new rock formations made of eyes. Mountains split apart to show passages within them, in the shapes of men. And people congregate at both, lured by wanton curiosity and unnatural obsessions, respectively. Some never return. Pitch-colored creatures skitter at the fringes of society, scythe-teethed and spear-limbed. They wander in the corners of our eyes, when the sun sets, and just before the dawn comes.

And so far… Investigations are garnering no results.

We stand upon a precipice of madness and desperation insurmountable. It eats at our mind, nibbles at our skin when we aren’t looking. It hungers and grasps, consumes and devours, and insists on never leaving the back of our heads, no matter how hard we try to forget.

But our leadership insists we do not let the general populace know. They tell me, we must not allow panic to reign supreme.

But I see panic everywhere, now. In the eyes of children, in the faces of workers. I can hear the anxiety build even as our engines rumble, our rockets fly, even as our speech travels through the air. An unending cacophony of sorrow and despair welling up deep inside our collective guts, a knot, tying itself in dread of what’s to come.

It’s like everything we did until now meant nothing, compared to the damage that had already been done.

I don’t know what will save you from it. I’m just relieved I won’t be around long enough to see you fail…