DJ Mighty Mike Saga


At the age of 11, DJ Mighty Mike Saga heard ‘Rigor Mortis’ by A Split Second. Little did he know that a song he heard on a local college radio station would change his perspective on music forever. Electronic music became a driving force in his life. From the raves and clubs he religiously attended in his teens to the parties he promoted and organized in his 20’s, the love of music and the need to share that love with anyone who would listen, led to his inevitable career as a DJ.

DJ Mighty Mike Saga started out as an 80’s DJ playing and collecting 80’s vinyl. He opened up at raves, played at house parties and eventually was invited to Philadelphia’s Gothic/ Industrial event, SHOCK THERAPY. Expanding his horizons, he began collecting a variety of electronic music and taught himself the art of beat matching. He mixed these forms of music into his sets and became a resident DJ at SHOCK THERAPY. With the freedom to express himself creatively, he began organizing events fusing EDM and Gothic/ Industrial music. After introducing many new fans to Gothic/ Industrial music at FULL MOON GATHERING and C.H.U.D., he performed at DRACULA’S BALL and played weekly at NOCTURNE. DJ Saga is featured at SMACK! and BYTE parties in New York and played the BLACK SUN FESTIVAL II in Connecticut. The biggest highlight of his career has been playing at the world’s largest Gothic/ Industrial event, WAVE GOTIK TREFFEN in Leipzig, Germany.

As a DJ, he loves what he does and is completely self promoted. He’s living his dream of opening minds and bringing the music he loves to the masses!